Hygiene leicht verständlich
Hygiene easy to understand

Our Services

Concept creation for lasting room cleanliness and hygiene
Anyone can clean and disinfect surfaces and rooms properly! For sure? 
We develop practical and efficient working methods to ensure highest hygienic standards.

Food safety - well thought out, understood and lived
The HACCP work and control system - everyone in the food-handling industy knows it, but what about the implementation at work? 
We support you in a practical and easy-to-understand way. 

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Employee training 

Interactive, entertaining and easy to understand. We familiarize your employees with important hygiene guidelines and working methods. By classroom teaching in your premises or external venues and/or with with our C4s E-learning modules.

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Quality controls / Audits 
We inspect your ongoing operations and check the implementation of work processes, compliance with operating standards, the condition of the infrastructure, and more, depending on the agreement. Thanks to our C4s Easy Audit App, we guarantee a seamless and constant approach. Following the quality control / audit, you will receive a report of the results in real time. Deficiencies are shown at a glance and corrections can be made quickly.


Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) monitoring system prophylaxis and control 
Wherever many people come together, diseases can be transmitted quickly and spread uncontrollably. In order to be able to fight epidemic-like disease outbreaks such as Noro Virus quickly and effectively, you need a well thought-out, efficient emergency plan. We take over this work and create a gastroenteritis emergency plan tailored to your company. The entire documentation includes the manual for acute gastroenteritis prophylaxis and control, overview plans (room and restaurant), as well as checklists and information. The implementation of the gastroenteritis emergency plan is preferably accompanied by employee training.

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